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Ch-6 Most Wanted

[b]Meeting 6: Surprise at the Museum[/b]
“Why are you not eating your food Alex?” Her mother asked.
Alexis just sat on the dining table lost in thoughts of the boy. She couldn’t forget how he had come to her rescue in most desperate time, how he had held her in his arms, encircled around her waist, his green eyes scanning her face and his breath on her cheeks and ears , his husky voice whispering in her ears. Just like her dream.
“I am not hungry.” She said , not in a mood to answer lot of questions.
“You have been acting weirdly since summer vacation began.” Her mother said, sounding a bit annoyed.
She ignored that comment, knowing too well that it was true.
“Dad, did you find any clue in the theft case that happened in jewellery store?” She asked , her heart picking a beat on mention of him.
“We did, actually a bracelet lot like yours. But actually it was more than theft, the store owner was killed in his house and only the antique jewel that was not for sale was stolen, nothing else.” He said, his eyes resting on the bracelet on Alexis’ hand.
“Wow, someone else also owns a similar piece of jewellery like me and that has to be the thief.” She tried to turn it around.
Her father nodded , smiling.
“So , are you any closer to finding the girl?” She emphasised on last word.
“I doubt that our criminal is a girl, others might believe it. But I am thinking he might be a young guy, sharp mind and swift body.” He said, thoughtfully.
Alexis went in numb shock. She , for the matter of fact knew he was a young drop dead gorgeous guy. She was scared of him, very, especially after last night when she saw him killing two people in cold-blood. But her heart refused to tell all that to her father and get him arrested. She just couldn’t bear to see hate and disappointment in those green eyes.
“W-What? I mean are you sure? Are you any closer in finding him?” She asked all questions at once.
Her father laughed.
“You seem very interested in this case. No, I have no other clue, but I am sure he is still in town and he will make mistake, sooner or later.”
Alexis hoped for never.
Just then there was call. Her father picked up the phone and Alexis listened intently on what he was saying. It was nothing more than -what and I’ll be there ASAP.
“There has been two murders not far from our house. I have to go now, don’t wait for me. I might be late. This is third murder in a week, it’s getting serious.” He said sounding worried.
Alexis tried to look elsewhere, her mother always understood what was on her mind. Right now she didn’t wanted that.
“Dad...Maybe the killer have a reason behind killing all these people?” She asked, trying not be nervous and worried.
“Maybe dear, maybe. But there is someone above us all to pass judgement. He is no one to decide when one should die.” And saying that, her father left.
Alexis got up and went to her room. She buried her head in her pillow and tried to calm herself. She was confused right now, she didn’t want her father to get hurt, she didn’t even wanted the boy to get hurt after what he did tonight. Yet she felt wrong hiding all this from her father whom she loved so much and who trusted her blindly.
“God! Please don’t test me. Please, turn my summer vacation into something good.” She prayed silently.
“You really want to do this job? I mean you  have to come home alone every night.” Miranda said as they entered the museum.
Alexis understood what she said. She meant running into him again. Alexis hasn’t told her about yesterday yet and she wasn’t planning to do so.
“I will be fine and it will not be night. Museum closes at six in evening.”She said giving Miranda her most convincing smile.
She nodded, defeated.
“You can take my car, you know!” She asked, giving another try.
Alexis shook her head.
“Alexis, up for some guide work?” Julia asked.
“Yes, Julia.” She answered politely, still unable to look in her eyes and answer.
Only person she can look in eye was him, his green eyes held her eyes like nothing else did.
Alexis chided herself mentally to stop thinking about him. She has to stay away from him....can she keep that promise?
Her task here was simple , she has to help the tourist around answering their questions or telling them about some ancient artefacts. She was a bit excited, there were butterflies in her stomach and she felt a little nervous too.
“You do know about the best item in our museum Alexis, don’t you?” Julia asked smiling.
Alexis nodded smiling back at her and replied, “Endless Wait, the beautiful painting of a girl looking out a window waiting desperately for her love.”
“Then you are hired.” She confirmed and went away giving her a friendly wink.
Alexis was already feeling comfortable here.
She looked around, very few people were around right now. It was early for visitors to visit museum. She wanted to be early on her first day to work. She walked around admiring the statues and scenes created from memorable wars, the sword that belonged to King of Derksworth, long time ago when kings ruled here. Now they had mayor to rule the town. She disliked the mayor for some reason, but everyone else loved him. Even her father respected him, who seldom trusted anyone with power.
She passed a family of British tourist , with a young girl and a boy about her age looking immensely bored . His family might have dragged him here. I-Pod was keeping him awake. He looked up at Alexis and gave her a flirty smile. Being utterly shy Alexis dropped down her eyes. She was wearing a caramel colored pleated skirt and a pink cotton shirt for her work here. Shorts and T-shirt wouldn’t have been suitable . Her hair were tied neatly in a ponytail, she seldom left them open. She looked presentable but not good enough for someone to flirt. She had a feeling to laugh out loud at the boy for giving her a flirty smile.
She walked towards the Endless Wait, she loved that painting since she saw it first time and that was in third grade. Something about the painting charmed Alexis.
The voice made Alexis turn around with a jerk, shocked.
“What?” was all she could say.
“The painting, it’s beautiful. Isn’t it?” Though he didn’t meant the painting.
He was here, in the museum , while town’s police force was looking for him. He was wearing a black t-shirt with ‘Death awaits you’ written on it and faded blue jeans. His rebook shoes completing his get up. He was as perfect as ever or better, his black hair ,silky and soft, rested unkempt on his forehead making him look adorable and not a criminal. If it hadn’t been  for the dangerous look in his eyes, Alexis would never have believed he was a murderer, but he was.
“What are you doing here?” She whispered , her heart never disappointing her , started beating a faster rate.
She felt warm from head to toe and she knew very well her stupid pale skin was giving her away by turning pink.
Without answering her question , he raised his finger and touched her cheek. Her eyes went wide in shock, she stood there frozen.
“How come you blush so much when I am around or is this usual?” He asked, his finger still tracing her cheek.
Alexis was too scared, shy and nervous to utter a word, his finger on her cheeks was making her dizzy somehow.
Suddenly realising something he jerked back his hand.
She still stood there, blushing more furiously.
“I-I don’t blush. My skin is pale and it gets colored during summer due to heat.” She tried to lie, failing miserably.
“Oh, really?” He asked amused.
“Do you remember I asked you to stay away from me?” He asked , annoyance coloring his tone.
She frowned at his abrupt change of nature.
“Me? I work here. I –I didn’t do it propose, really.” She said, desperately hoping that he will believe her.
He just glared at her and was about to go , when Alexis gathered her courage and asked, “Why do you hate me so much?”
And this time he was surprised, his green eyes giving him away.
He came towards her and she immediately regretted asking her question. Alexis was scared, again. Even in daylight on a working day , he was here to make her nervous.
She staggered a little back looking around for some help around, but the hall was empty where the masterpiece painting stood.
“Why do you go back whenever I come forward?” He asked, his eyebrows arched up.
“I-I do-do not. And answer m-my question first, why do you hate me?” She said, trying not to move back as he moved forward.
His eyes showed frustration and he looked like he himself didn’t knew the answer.
“Hate is a strong word Alexis.” He said mildly.
When he was inches away from her, causing her heart beat to go wild and get warm from head to toe, he asked in a dangerous tone, “Why haven’t you told anything about me to your father?”
Stunned Alexis managed to look up. He was close, too close for her comfort. His eyes were on her face and possibly widened eyes, they had his signature angry look accompanied by certain amount of amusement.
“I-I...I just...I-I don’t know!” She finally said, not knowing herself.
Logically she could have, she should have. But for some absurd reason she hasn’t.
Satisfied , he stepped away a smile appearing on his face . A slight smile, accompanied by his dimple.
“Alexis, you know what...This color looks nice on you!”
And left the museum with a exasperated and surprised girl.
The epic painting , Endless wait stared back at her as she tried to take in the big surprise in the museum!

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Most Wanted Ch-5

[b]Meeting 5: Criminal to the rescue[/b]
It was raining and Alexis was wearing a red dress. She never wore dresses, she hated them. She was in a hall, decorated beautifully. A chandelier hung illuminating it in a romantic way. As footsteps echoed through the empty hall, Alexis looked up startled. She smiled as she saw the owner of those footsteps, a blush creeping on her face. The boy had an amused smile on his face as he came closer to Alexis. Grabbing her wrist softly he tied her bracelet on them looking romantically in her eyes. She lowered her eyes, still smiling.
   Suddenly she grabbed her and pulled her closer, her heartbeat stopped, blood gushing where his hand rested. He bent closer and his warm , sweet breath touched her cheeks and ears, sending a pleasant shiver through her and whispered, “Value you life Alexis!” And smiled an evil smile.
Alexis sat up shocked. She was dreaming of him was bad.
The plan was very simple , but for some reason he was frustrated. He yelled and threw his black marker forcefully across the room. He picked up his knife and looked across the room. Coming as a paying guest and staying in someone’s house was safest when you are in a town for a big theft and murder. Hotels were the first place where police searched for criminal. Finding a new person in someone’s house takes a bit longer, till then his work was complete. His first task was complete. Now two thefts and a murder, murder of the bastard mayor.
But this time it was getting difficult. Someone in this town knew his identity, though she has promised not to tell anyone and he believed that. She seemed more like a keep to herself kind. Her big brown eyes , usually scared yet sometimes shy, her fair cheeks that turn pink on slight touch. He could clearly remember  her lips trembling whenever he held her. The idea was unnerving him.
It was impossible for him to concentrate now, so he turned off the lights and tried to go to sleep.....

“Now tell me what’s with the silent secret treatment?” Miranda asked as she and Alexis sat on beach.
Closing her eyes and sighing deeply she recited everything that has happened to her since she met him. She left out the part about how she felt when she was around him or how she even dreamt about him.
“This is serious Alex, tell your dad about it. He might be able to help you. I can’t believe , I just can’t believe that your luck is so bad. That a criminal in town and you are one he targets. What is his name? And Oh. My. God you have seen does he look?” She asked pacing in panic.
“Like a sexy super model, with green eyes.”Alexis blurted out remembering his eyes in the moonlight night they met in graveyard.
“WHAT!!!” Miranda asked shocked at her reply.
Alexis looked embarrassed.
“How old is he?” Miranda  asked, suspicious now.
“Around 20 or 21.” She answered.
“So young?” She questioned.
Alexis just nodded.
“ Are you sure you alright Alex?” Miranda asked looking concerned at her friend.
This time Alexis  told partial truth, “I don’t think so.”
Miranda looked at her friend in shock and surprise, this was not her Alexis talking.
“It’s time to go now Alex, it’s getting dark.” Miranda said as they sat watching the setting sun on the beach.
“I want to be left alone for sometime Miranda. I need time to think.” She said.
Miranda wanted to contradict but she thought better and left her alone. She was about to go when she turned and said, “Don’t sat up late, you don’t want to run into him again.”
“Miranda, do me a favour. Don’t tell anyone about this.” Alexis said.
Miranda nodded, her eyes speaking of a silent promise.
She looked around and saw only couples left on the beach. She looked at herself, she looked over-dressed on beach, in t-shirt and shorts. She was not the swim-suit kind, she felt awkward wearing such revealing clothes.
She saw as the sun went down, the pink coloring the sea. It looked beautiful, she was mesmerised. For a moment  she forgot all about her worries and breathed in a sigh of relief.
Just then her cell phone rang, “Mom!”
“Dear where are you? It’s 7 already. And Miranda called and told me you are alone on beach. Should I pick you up?” Her mother asked.
“No Mom, please. I am fine. I am leaving now.” She got up and was about to go when she remembered that she had to go to museum for summer job.
She was good at remembering dates and ancient stuff , so decided be a helper at museum.
“Hi Miss Reynolds!”Alexis greeted the museum manager.
“Ah! Alexis. Welcome.”
“I am here for the summer job we talked about.”
“Yeah, your dad told me about it. I will be happy to have your help. But before that I want you to fill out these forms. It’s a necessity since we have valuable items here and we have to have a complete data of the workers.” She explained.
“Fine. Then I’ll see you tomorrow on job Miss Reynolds.”
“Julia, please call me Julia.”
Alexis smiled, “Julia!”
And nodded a goodbye.
Even at 7:30 in evening the breeze was warm. Alexis was sweating and her skin was flushed pink due to heat. Getting easily dehydrated, it was another one of her weakness. She stopped at a restaurant and ordered a lemonade with lots of ice. She gulped it down in one go and sighed as she revived her energy.
It was almost dark now and Alexis was smiling to herself thinking about her hyper panicked mother. She decided not to call her and answer million question, it was better to walk straight home. This time she was wishing she had a car like Miranda, but police people weren’t exactly the richest job in the world.
Walk home alone was boring and sort of scary. Her house was built in old lane where the large but ancient kind of houses were made and that lane was a little away from all market and crowd. Around ten minutes of walk that worried Alexis.
She could take the short cut , the even scarier dark lane where she met him, but she decided to avoid it and walk in open instead.
She heard some noise and turned back partially expecting to find The boy. But there was someone else, a man in dirty green t-shirt and jeans and he had a weird look on his face. Alexis’ instincts told her move faster, she had seen the man before. A month ago her father had arrested him for abducting and harassing a girl. She didn’t knew he was out already. She started moving faster not showing that she was afraid. Again and again she was turning back to look at the man following her. He was sauntering towards her as if she was the prey. She looked terrified at man and started to run. She sort of felt relieved when she reached near the turn to her house’s lane but she collided with another guy who was waiting for her there. He was with the man in green shirt. Alexis was not the yelling type yet she opened her mouth to shout but the beefy man in front of her put a hand on her mouth.
“No, no pretty. Don’t try to waste your energy on shouting for help. Your house is still a little far from here.” He said in a rough voice.
Alexis struggled as the man dragged her to the evilly smiling man. She was trying hard not to shake with fear, but her eyes were deceiving her. Tears have already started forming in her eyes, she tried to blink them away.
“Your idiot father thought that I will forget all about my insult and a dreadful month in cell. Good thing he has a beautiful daughter.” He laughed hysterically.
“Now you will stay with us for a while princess!” The other man said.
“I don’t think she will like that.” Came a new ,familiar voice.
Alexis looked at the speaker and for first time in her life she felt grateful on seeing a criminal. Her eyes looked at him with a silent plea. But he was glaring at her abductors.
“Leave the girl.” He said with a final tone, full of authority and threat.
Both of them laughed.
“Young man, will you leave such a prize?” Said the green shirt one.
“ Oh! I am talking about you not myself.” Came his smart reply.
“You want her, come and get here.” Threatened the beefy man.
And Alexis saw a dangerous glint in his green eyes. He really looked deathly right now with his glare and tightly pursed lips in anger. In one swift moment he jumped at the man holding Alexis and his knife struck man right on his cheek. With a shriek he let her go and she stumbled down, her legs weak. She watched shocked and terrified as he spun around and struck another blow at other man. The beefy one grabbed him from back but he caught his hand grabbing him and threw him on ground. For a lean and muscular guy he was very strong. His kick hit the beefy man on face and in other moment his knife went struck his heart.
Alexis gasped in shock. She has never seen live murder before. Now she was not so sure that she felt safe, he looked so dangerous right now. He grabbed other man who was partially conscious after all the kicks and a stab on his cheek. Same thing happened to him. As he jerked out the knife from green shirt guy’s body, blood oozed out from the wound and Alexis cringed in horror.
“Are you alright?” He asked Alexis.
Stunned at his question she looked at him.
Finally she whispered, “Why are you even here?”
“I told you I live around here.” He answered casually with no guilt or anything.
“You just killed two men in cold blood!” She said, sounding horrified.
“Have I? I didn’t realise that. Thanks for telling me.” He said looking at the girl amused.
He was not glaring at her for a change but his face showed annoyance on something.
“What are you doing out alone?” He asked.
“ I am 17. I can do whatever I want.” She mumbled, still afraid of him.
She has just seen him killing two men....and also saved her life.
“And T-thank you, f-for helping me.” She stammered like she always did when he was around.
He shrugged as if he didn’t planned on helping her, it just happened.
“I can’t let the only girl I have met in town to get hurt.” He said taking a step forward.
She looked up surprised.
“You are one of a kind criminal.” She blurted out and immediately regretted her mistake.
“I’ll consider it a compliment.”He said, another step towards her.
She was afraid again, after all he was a criminal...not exactly a sign that she could trust her.
“I should better go. Thank you again!” She said and turned around to go.
Just then he grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer. Her eyes went wide with fear and surprise. Her heart beat faster than light as if everyone could hear it.
Was he a kind of guy who took advantage of a helpless girl?
“I am not a kind of guy who takes advantage of damsels in distress!” He said as if answering her thoughts.
Her mouth dropped open , she had to remind herself to stay calm and normal. He smelled nice for a murderer and black was his color. He looked even more amazing from so close. His slight smile was showing his dimple and Alexis looked charmed by him.
Annoyance gone from his eyes, just a weird glow and he was not glaring but staring at her. Then suddenly he bent down closer and Alexis’ heart stopped completely. She wanted to push him away but her weak body and heart refused to do so. And just like her dream he whispered in her ears, “ Value your life Alexis!”
And surprised she looked into his green eyes to find a caring gaze on her.


[b]Meeting 4: Night, Criminal and Graveyard...Danger![/b]

Mom, I will be late . Don’t wait up for me, I might be reading at Miranda’s  tonight.” Alexis said.
“Sure honey. Call dad when you are done with all your reading. He will pick you up, it’s dangerous to come home alone at night.” Her mother replied, happy that her daughter was doing something in summer vacation other than staying at home.
Alexis picked up her bag, kept a pepper spray in it. She was nervous, worried and scared. But the most surprising thing was that she was a tiny bit excited too. She looked in mirror, her eyes announced that she had been crying . Her pale skin and black hair made her look like a weak ghost . She wore a blue long T-shirt and jeans with her sneakers. She tied her long black hair into a ponytail and grabbed a knife from kitchen, just in case.
The hot breeze greeted her when she stepped out of the house. She trembled. It was seven thirty in evening and it was still time to get dark. She walked slowly towards the town’s cemetery. She was determined to get things straight today and then stay out of his way. She was never save the world kind and she will not try to be one now. She will let him steal whatever he has to steal and stay out of his way.
She will just get her bracelet and if possible ask his name. After all this atleast she has the right to know his name. And then they are done, no more crossing paths.
After a long walk of half-hour, Alexis was all sweaty and tired. She stood at the gate of cemetery waiting for something to happen, but when she heard no sound she entered the graveyard. She was terrified of darkness and especially being at such a place at night time.
Suddenly her phone rang making her almost jump in fright.
“Where are you? Your mother called and I lied to her that you are with me. Tell me NOW! You didn’t even called me after you saw the news. Wasn’t that your bracelet they were showing in pictures or something like that?”Miranda said , sounding annoyed and concerned.
“I promise I will tell you everything later, when everything is fine. Tomorrow.” Alexis said
“You don’t sound alright. Do you want me to come and pick you up sweetie?” She asked.
“No, no! I am fine. I am just out for some work. I promise I’ll be fine Miranda, don’t worry.” Alexis said sounding unsure.
As she hung up the phone and was about to move forward, his voice greeted her.
“Don’t make such promises you can’t keep.” He said, sounding like himself, dangerous yet alluring.
“You will hurt me then?” She asked , utterly innocent and afraid.
He laughed, a very sexy and beautiful laugh. It was first for him. All the times she had seen her or heard him he is always angry and deathly. She stood there mesmerised for a moment.
“I am a murderer, why do you think I will hesitate in slitting you fair neck?” He asked, getting all evil again.
“I-I because , I haven’t done anything wrong?” She said it more like a question.
“Haven’t you? You don’t even know what you have done.” He said through gritted teeth and Alexis looked scared.
“I promise never to come in your way again, just give me my bracelet and then you go your own way.” She said, trying to sound brave .
“Promise? Again, will you be able to keep it?” He said moving a step forward.
Alexis , terrified moved a step backward, her legs shaking badly.
A amusing smile crept on his face, showing a dimple in his left cheek. He SO didn’t look like a wanted criminal, he was more like a model.
Alexis eyes widened in shock as she realised that he was moving forward and she, scared was going backwards. Like she wasn’t clumsy enough, she stumbled on some stones on the ground and was about to hit her head when the boy moved forward, caught her waist and straightened her up.
She looked in his eyes, the amazing green she had only imagined. And they looked back into her brown ones. The green eyes were full of confusion, slight annoyance and also some appreciation. His hands encircled her waist , delicately unlike before and her hands gripped the front of his black tee so that she might not fall. She was aware of the warmth that his fingers sent through her, the place where his fingers touched her. She could feel it even from her t-shirt. She had never felt this way before.
Boy could see the color rising in girl’s cheek, her eyes going wide in shock, her uneven breathing. She was even more delicate than she looked. Her lips were trembling slightly and surprisingly he stood gazing her face, looking at her pretty face in moonlight. Yes, he had seen many beautiful, exotic looking girls but none of them seem to trouble him like this. They never flashed in his thoughts , or in every single thing he did. They didn’t dare him, their eyes didn’t widened such cutely when they were afraid or there face never got etched in his mind so badly.
He let her go suddenly almost jerking away from her.
“Take your freaking bracelet and never show me your face again.” He said, harshly handing her bracelet.
She stood there shaken out her wits at sudden change in him. She was blushing furiously and she looked elsewhere, thanking God that it was kind of dark to see her red cheeks, not knowing that he could see and admire them very well.
“As you might have learnt , never dare a criminal!”He said.
“So police will not trouble me or my family?” She asked slowly.
“Police? No, there sole evidence is with you. They will not doubt a delicate school going girl for such huge theft.” He said, sounding quiet sure.
“And-and you, will you trouble me or my family?” She asked, slightly scared of his reaction.
“I am not sure of that right now.” Came a sincere reply which sounded nothing like a threat.
Alexis looked baffled at his reply.
He turned around and was about to go when Alexis gathered all he courage and asked,
“Can you tell me your name, I’ll never say it to anyone.” She said, her eyes blinking multiple times in nervousness.
He turned , wind blowing through his soft black hair. His green eyes looked genuinely surprised. Then he smiled, slightly .
“Don’t you value your life Alexis?” He asked, not in a threatening tone.
She nodded, enchanted by his smile. She had to remind herself that he is a dangerous criminal who could kill her in a blink.
“Tonight in this graveyard is a body I murdered, understand that. For the name thing , you can call me anything you like, it doesn’t matter to me.”
Alexis gulped down her fear, why in the world she asked him this question?
And with a smile and a dangerous glint in his eyes, he left her in darkness to think and revive from all the shock.
After a moment Alexis sighed. The meeting was over, she had her grandmother’s bracelet back and killer was gone from her life, if not from her town.
But for some reason Alexis was not happy, for some weird reason there was a ache in her heart. She knew she would miss those green eyes.

Most Wanted CH-3

[b]Meeting 3: Never dare a criminal![/b]
“Are you ok?” Miranda asked.
“Yeah, fine. Why do you ask?” Alexis asked , though she knew the answer very well.
“The afternoon incident. Did the guy really hurt you? I could see your eyes watering.” Miranda said concerned.
“I am fine. And he just held me wrist,  not twisted it or anything!” Alexis replied, clearly not fine.
“Whatever you say. Anyway, we are meeting tomorrow in library again, aren’t we?” Miranda’s sounded immediately perked up.
Saying a good night Miranda hung up the phone leaving Alexis lost in thoughts. She got up from her bed and went up to mirror. She looked at her arms, they looked fine now. No redness or pain but she could feel a weird sensation through them. Her fingers brushed them lightly and she remembered how he had held them tightly as if he meant to crush them between his fingers. She remembered the look in his eyes in the moonlit light. There was something eerie yet drawing about the guy.
Sighing tiredly Alexis went to her bed and buried her head in her pillow. And without even realising she drifted to sleep.
The phone rang and Alexis jerked up from her bed.
“Miranda!” Alexis muttered in sleepy tone.
“Go see the news. NOW!” She said , both excited and worried.
Only Miranda can manage multi emotions like that.
Alexis jumped from her bed and switched on the TV. Her mouth dropped open as she saw one of the pictures on the news channel. It was her bracelet, her silver bracelet her grandmother gave her when she was on her death bed. Her eyes immediately reached down to her wrist and she was shocked to see it missing. Can this really happen? Was the bracelet found on crime scene really belonged to her? How? She was sweating now, and her hands trembled as she heard what the newsman said .
“The robbery was well planned. We have no fingerprints or any other marks except the skilled murder of the watchman of the jewellery store. The other jewels are safe ,only the diamond that belonged to the ancient family here was stolen from the store. What was thief’s motive? The expertise with which the theft and murder is done it is clear that the dreaded criminal is in our town. And we have a good news on that account, our criminal has dropped an artefact of hers. We know that she is a girl since we found a silver bracelet on crime scene. And we also found the signature Reebok marks.”
Alexis was breathing heavily when her mother opened the door of her room.
“Up already! Good. Come help me with breakfast. Dad went to work early, there was a major theft yesterday.” Her mother said, not aware how afraid her daughter was right now.
Alexis just nodded, not capable of muttering a word right now.
She was about to call Miranda when her cell phone rang. Unknown number flashed on screen and a fear grasped Alexis. After a moment of hesitation she decided to pick up the phone and the voice on the other line sent a chill down her spine.
“Saw the news?” He asked.
“I-I...What do you mean?” She asked , not making any sense.
“Police found your bracelet on the crime scene, didn’t they? You don’t seem like a thief to me, but it seems looks can be deceiving.” His voice dripping with danger and mockery.
“You did that? Why?” Alexis asked , her voice trembling in a embarrassing way, remembering the time he had held her wrist and the most probable time he might have got her bracelet.
“I? You dear. You did that. Now everyone has evidence too. You said your father was a sheriff, I can’t do anything to you. So now you are the thief , he will not bend laws for his own daughter.”
“Please-Please! That bracelet belongs to my grandmother. Please give it back to me. What have I done to you. Please, I am begging. I’ll do anything , anything to amend my mistakes.” Alexis was almost crying now.
“Don’t be such a whiner baby. It was just a little warning to your senseless threat last night. You were too close to me and it was not a hard science to get your bracelet. Just to tell you, I can do anything. I know your number, don’t I? I can come to your place too. Don’t you love your family, Alexis?” He said, sounding deathly dangerous.
“H-how do you know my name? A-And..”Alexis was stammering as tears streamed down her eyes.
“I have my methods.”
“I am sorry. Just don’t hurt my family for my mistakes. I told you I am ready to do anything to make amends. And I know you don’t understand the value of that bracelet but it is important to me. It’s my grandmother’s last memory.” She said without even realising the reason why she apologised.
“You will do anything to get the bracelet, right?” He asked, now his voice sounding amused.
“Y-Yes!” Alexis voice trembled with fear and pain.
“Fine! Then , you have got yourself a bad deal, but I agree. Meet me up in graveyard, I will give you what you want.”
And the boy hung up.
Alexis wanted to yell right now. For the first time in her life, she was really hopeless and angry. Because she realised that her luck was more than bad, it was fatal. When the most wanted criminal came to Derksworth, she was the one dare him. How come she was always able to mess up everything so badly?

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Chapter 2( Most Wanted)

[b]Meeting 2: Don’t be so stupid to walk home alone…with a criminal in town[/b]

Alexis’ evening was fun. She and Miranda spent time in library grabbing their favourite books. Fantasy, the world she loved to live in. Real life wasn’t too pleasant.
“I can drop you home.” Miranda said as she stopped in front of the Raver park gate.
That was usually their meeting point, being the exact midpoint from their respective houses. Alexis got down from her car.
“No! Its 7:30 and getting dark. I don’t want you to wander with this thing alone. I can walk back home.” Alexis explained to her friend.
“But-but you know it’s not safe right now!” Miranda said sounding worried.
“It’s just a fifteen minute walk home” Alexis turned to go, finishing the argument.
Miranda left grumbling some bad words.
The rest of the path was fine since people walked around on road, enjoying summer evening but what really worried her was the lane between the market road and area where the old houses(one of her house too) were built. The lane was always deserted and at night time no on went there. It was kind of spooky, nothing else. But today Alexis had made the mistake of sending Miranda way. She gathered all her courage and moved faster in the lane. [i]Damn! It was long![/i] She was half running, half walking. And for some reason looking back again and again.
Her carelessness and clumsiness got to her and she slipped. Actually was about to slip when a hand gripped around her upper arm and straightened her up.
“Watch where you go!” A familiar tone said.
Alexis head jerked up. And she looked at her saviour and her eyes widened in shock and fear. The grip of the boy was painful like afternoon. And he was still looking angrily at her. If looks can kill kind of look. Alexis detached herself from his grip.
“Are you following me?” She whispered for some reason.
“Do you think I am a fool. I live around here!” He almost growled the sentence .
Alexis was shaking and  staggered two steps back.
“L-Listen! I-my home is right there. I can shout for help!” She was stammering like a coward, blinking million times a second.
That happened when she was scared.
“Really? Shout for help. One has to strain their ears even to hear you speak. I don’t think your shouting can call for much help.” He threatened, meaning every word.
“What have I done?” Alexis asked, tears forming in her eyes.
“Stay away from me !” he kept his deathly glare on her.
“You-you can’t do anything. I am not scared of you. And-and my father is town’s sheriff s-so don’t you dare hurt me!” Alexis blabbered, horrified.
He gripped her another arm tightly and shook her lightly.
“Don’t dare me! I will not think a moment before slitting your throat!” he said.
He was inches apart for her and she dared not look in up to her stunning face and deathly glare.
She nodded not even understanding what he was saying.
“And you don’t even know what all I can do?” He threatened.
And suddenly he let her go. She steadied herself and looked at the boy, his green eyes glowing brightly.
The boy’s face showed anger and hate. And for a moment the girl thought he might kill her in this deserted lane. But he turned around and went away.
Alexis wiped her tears, her heart drumming loudly. Her wrist was still pink from afternoon incident and now her upper arm had his finger mark…that boy was really leaving a mark on her.
Still shaking she made her way home, her thoughts still on his green eyes, his dark black hair like from a commercial. Her hands wept up to her hurt arm…[i] Strong grip![/i]  . Her instincts told her that green-eyed dude was dangerous but her heart was reacting weirdly. His touch hurt her , yes, but Alexis felt a warmth through her when she remembered the boy’s arm on her.
This summer vacation was going elsewhere!

Most Wanted ---Chapter 1

Important Warning:
Love, is a disaster. It can consume you like nothing else. The fantasy books I read have various characters fall in love and then come their own fall. The troubles in create, the sacrifices you have to make and yet the one thought that completely occupies your mind is the person you love. No matter if they fall in love with vampire, angels, werewolves, fairies and even demons, I mean come on, find yourself a human!!
But I, I fell in love with a human. What’s the catch? Umm…let’s just say he was a big time most wanted criminal. So I don’t blame the novel characters because its circumstances that brings you together. As much as this might sound crazy, there is something named as Destiny, who loves to play with us.
Note: Trust me when I say, if you are in love don’t run around with a stupid smile on face, you have entered a game of life and death!

 Meeting 1: Never go to Hardware Store with a criminal in town.
“It’s summer and you are not going to sulk around in home.” Alexis’s mother said.
She sat switching through different channels. Nothing was interesting about summer vacations. She looked at her mother with a frown. The problem Alexis had, that her mother or anyone else didn’t understood her. She was those keep to herself, silent delicate type of girl. Though she was talented with pen, paint brush and musical instruments she was never the centre of limelight. She hated attention.
“Honey, you are such a pretty girl. Go out have some fun this summer.” Her mother added further, this time trying to be friendlier that motherly.
Alexis gave a leave-it-already-mom look.
“Fine, go to your room and bury your head in novels.” Her mother said giving up.
She went away grumbling something about getting similar type of friend and destroying Alexis more.
Tired of switching between channels and waiting for Dirty Dancing to start she stopped on news channel. Her father always heard news and she got up to leave when the news stopped her in her tracks.
“All we know about him is he works alone. As far as our sources go he has no gang or accomplices. He usually dresses up in black and is known for at least 11 murders and has stolen many antique and priceless items. Police has been unsuccessful in catching him or even trapping him in revealing how he looks. From his previous thefts and methods we can conclude that he is brutal and holds a special liking for Reebok sports shoes. We know that because his shoe print is all he wishes to leave on crime scene and nothing else.
This killer has no pattern of killing and has left police and people terrified of his actions. And he presently reported to be in Derksworth.”
Rest all was a mumbling to Alexis. Her heart was beating hard right now. She was surely the delicate one but was not a coward. But right now even in summer morning a shiver ran through her. She switched off the stupid box and made way to her room.
“Heard about the deadly criminal?” Her friend Miranda said in a serious tone.
“Yeah! This morning. I don’t think we need to worry. It’s not like he is coming right at our house to get us and fortunately our school is closed. So just relax Miranda.” Alexis said trying to sound sure, though she wasn’t herself.
“I know, it is just on news channels today. I searched on net and it says that Police has been searching for him for past 5 years. When we meet up this evening we will  list down all the things valuable and worth stealing in our town, ok?” She said souding more excited than scared.
“No! We are doing no such thing. We have better things to do and I have lyrics in mind. Bring your guitar along.” Alexis said with annoyance at Miranda’s words.
“Before that I have a favour to ask?” She said sounding unassure.
“Umm..its summer and I have to get my car fixed. I mean I don’t want to be depended on my big brother to drop me everywhere, so please accompany me to hardware store and help me fix that trash.” She said almost pleading.
Alexis and shopping, not fun! But we all make sacrifices for our friends and Alexis did the same.
“Fine. I’ll meet you at Raver Park gate.” She said.
As soon as Miranda hung up, Alexis groaned. She wanted to stay in during summer, her skin was not so friendly to sun. Her skin never got tanned, it tunred red, like burned from sun. And it looked like rash on her pale skin. If it hadn’t been for her solid form she looked like a ghost, pale and dark haired with brown eyes.
She quickly wore shorts and her white sleevless top and put on her sneakers. Typing up her straight black hair into a high ponytail so that her hair was not troubling her in this boiling summer.
“Mom, I am going to hardware store with Miranda. Will be back soon” She sort of yelled out to her mother.
Alexis voice was too soft for yelling purpose. Shouting was another thing she never did.
“Thank God! Sure honey, go out!” her mother called out from Kitchen.
Somehow dragging and crawling they reached the Jones Hardware store. Miranda’s red car was shouting for help in various dangerous voices and it needed to be fixed.
“Mr. Jones will be happy to see us.” Miranda said joyfully.
She was more chirpy than Alexis, burgundy hair and green eyed, she was beautiful yet very innocent and carefree. One of those girls who are beautiful and are not even aware of it.
“Hey Bill!” She said and Alexis just glanced up and smiled.
“My darlings. Alex and MD” The hardware store owner, 55 years old , William Jones greeted the girls.
“Need your car again MD?” he asked.
“Yes! It’s summer again Bill” Miranda said.
“How are you Alex?” Bill asked politely.
“I am fine Mr. Jones. How are you?” She said her eyes searching the store instead of looking at the old man.
She was too shy to stare or look for a long time at someone. She usually looked somewhere else when she was talking with a stranger. Her mother said, “Look into eyes Alexis, they tell the truth!”
He smiled and nodded.
Alexis stood at the counter while Miranda and Bill went around the shop looking for right screws and wrench and other stuff required. She tood smiling looking at her enthusiatic friend .
Suddenly the shop door opened and a warm breeze flew opened.
Bill was busy helping Miranda, so he didn’t notice. But Alexis did. The new customer was tall, over six feet. Dressed in a half-sleeves black tee and blue jeans. Black was not  a summer colour, someone should tell him. He was looking for something, his eyes keen and narrowed as if aiming a shot. He was dressed casual, his black hair so soft that they moved with the breeeze and unlike herself Alexis dared to look up to his eyes , deep sea green. A unusual yet amazing combination. A sea green that sunlight reflected beautifully. And the thought struck Alexis….this guy was gorgeous!
After a moment of her first weird staring she realised that the green eyes bored into her brown ones, glaring dangerously. She immediately lowered down her eyes and felt uncomfortable.  The guy walked in and picked up a screw driver and walked leisurely towards the wrench section. His eyes measured them as if he was experienced about them.
“I want to buy these.” He said in a husky and stern tone.
“Sure! How are you today young man?” Bill asked nicely, the way he treated all his customers.
The guy didn’t reply and just snatched the stuff from Bill and went away after giving the money, like they were too lowly for him to even say Hi!
In a hurry one of his many wrenches fell on Miranda’s foot who was also on counter now.
“Ouch! That’s hurts” She winced, her eyes slightly watering.
But guy paid no attention and just picked up his wrench and was about to step out when she suddenly felt annoyed and angry.
“Excuse me, apologise!” she said with as much force as I could muster.
His eyebrows went up and for a moment he lost his signature glare. [i]Wow! His eyes were really green. Nice green![/i] And then he was angry looking again!
His gaze was terrifying me and yet when she saw Miranda hurt foot, she repeated angrier now which was so unlike her.
“A sorry will not kill you. You hurt my friend  here and I really don’t think you can walk away arrogantly without apologising.” Alexis said much to the astonisment of Miranda and Bill.
Suddenly the boy gripped her wrist forcefull sending a shiver down her arm and said, “I don’t do apologies and I can walk away even if you want or not!”
For a moment he stood there holding her wrist, which was throbbing painfully under his tightened fingers. Then Bill moved forward and the guy let go her hand in a swift motion causing her to wince and left the store suddenly.
And Alexis stood there blinking back tears , with pain and anger, as she saw him leaving and  her marks of his finger on her wrist.

Friday, 25 May 2012


“Dryden! Dryden!” I called out when I couldn’t see him behind me.
I was running as I always did, too fast for someone to catch up. I looked around in panic. Have I lost him? Did he get hurt?
As if answering my question a voice answered back, “It’s a bit difficult to kill me. Keep running, don’t wait up for me.”
Dryden was safe; I breathed a sigh of relief.
I was getting out of town now, but the trees seem to be experienced ball throwers. They could throw quiet far and a ball came after me every minute. I was running out of breath now, gasping for air. And no matter how strong my leg felt, my body was responding to my running.
“What? Why have you stopped? You are an amazing runner. How come you can run so fast?” Dryden said catching up with me as I stopped.
“We can’t run like this. These trees can hurt the town’s people, and what if they can follow us, I mean there balls can follow us as long as we run, maybe there are more trees like these, we have to destroy them.” I said raggedly, my throat dry.
“Umm…Yeah! You are right. But wait…what part of the fact that they are indestructible you didn’t understand?” He said sarcasm in his voice.
I jumped back as another fire ball hit the ground. And naturally I hurt myself. I fell with too much force on my back and elbows, thankfully my head was fine. I yelped in pain as fire burned around me.
“Let’s go we have to call for help!”Dryden tried lifting me up, I restrained.
“No, I said I hate this town. But I can’t let it be destroyed, specially the cemetery. I have my family and home here. My everything is here.” I said, pleading him with eyes.
He groaned, “What do you suggest then?”
“We call Iraftar. He gave me the ring for a reason. Maybe he can stop his minions if we call him and request him?” I said, nervous about Dryden’s reaction.
“Have you lost your mind completely? Calling Prince of Wrath deliberately; is like feeling suicidal. Don’t you remember last time he was there, you felt like your blood will boil out of your veins? No, I don’t agree.” He said and his eyes widened as another fire ball hit near them.
“Do you have a better plan then?” I asked, hoping he would refuse.
He stayed silent and I got my chance.
“So that is the only way. You can’t call for help and we have no other way to stop these fire spitting trees.  I am calling Iraftar.” I said, trying to sound final and determined.
“Why you are so eager to meet him, huh?” Dryden suddenly asked.
“What?” I was surprised at his abrupt question.
“You heard me. Did you really like him that much?” He asked sounding really annoyed.
“Now are you out of your mind? I just need help.” I said getting angry at his misplaced jealousy.
“Fine! Go on then. Call Prince of Wrath for help. This will be a first.” He said, reluctantly.
I carefully held the ring and closed my eyes, concentrating on picturing his face in my mind. It was easy. His amber eyes, bronze hair, long handsome face.
“Finally! You called and I am here,” My eyes shot open at his familiar voice.
“You knew how to use this ring?” Dryden asked looking at me with a weird suspicious expression.
I immediately felt uncomfortable and kind of guilty.
“Am I called here to witness your trivial argument? Are you two love birds fighting already?” Iraftar said coming closer to us.
On his arrival, the fire balls stopped.
“No-no. I mean we-I called you here,” I corrected myself when I saw Dryden glaring at me with his sharp blue eyes.
“I called you here to help. What do you want from me and please stop destroying my town” I said desperation clear in my voice.
I dared not look at Dryden, I was afraid I might see strong disapproval in his eyes.
“About the town, didn’t you hate this town?”Iraftar asked with a innocent look, if you could give one with amber eyes.
“Who-who told you that?” I asked stunned.
“I have my spies!” And winked.
“Will you help then?” I just wanted an answer.
“Come with me and I will not hurt a fly!” He said as if this was the solution.
For a moment I thought he will say ‘kidding’. But he was serious.
“So that you can kill me like you did to my family?” I asked getting annoyed at him and myself. His presence was showing its affect.
Now he genuinely seemed surprised.
“Love, I haven’t hurt your family. Why would I do that?” He said.
I was taken aback. My one suspect was refusing to be the killer.
“Just so you know I don’t trust you. So why do you want me to come with you?” I asked, worried now.
“Oh! Haven’t you two been discussing about that?” he asked, grinning wickedly now.
Dryden and I looked at each other, clueless.
“And Dryden I really don’t want other good looking men around my fiancĂ©. I want to take you with me as my bride!” he said, almost threatening Dryden and proposing me at same time.
I was angry, shocked, revolted and scared all at same time.
How can I, how can anyone marry someone called Prince of Wrath?
16 months earlier:
“But I am the most powerful!”, Iraftar yelled at his soldiers.
“We know you are sire, but others have destroyed all of our kingdom.” One of his soldiers said.
Iraftar, Devil’s first warrior. He was human kinds worst weakness. Something that no one can control or deny. Something that can destroy you. He felt that he was above all others, all the other minor sins. But now war was proving otherwise.
“I need to talk to Devil”, Iraftar informed his messenger, who flinched at his sight.
“As you wish , my lord!” And he vanished into thin air.
He was cool himself, but the people around him were getting angrier with every minute. His bad mood was affecting their anger.
“Are we going to die this time?” Thumosin, his sister asked.
“No, my dear sister. Anger never dies, never.” He laughed a hysterical laugh.
“It seems otherwise right now” she said, glaring at her brother.
“Go now. Rest in your chambers. The war will finish in few hours. Greed will not win over anger.”He said his voice full of confidence, his amber eyes burned like fire.
She went away grumbling something, her red hair swinging behind her back.
“Devil will see you now!” His messenger returned, with a sweating face.
“You know you talk nonsense, Iraftar. I can’t help or favour one of my children, can I? I love you all equally.” Devil said, from behind the veil
Iraftar has never seen his father, or so he called himself. He was available once in a million years, always behind the veil. His dark looming shadow emitted such a dark and depressing feeling that even anger, he recoiled as he spoke. He was afraid of even his shadow and dreaded the day when he will walk out from behind the veil. But right now, when he was losing everything, he couldn’t keep quite.
So mustering all his courage he yelled, “Love? You know nothing of that. We are more of a slave to you than your children. What brother sister destroys each other like we are? And I heard you support pride above others? Why is that?”
There was a moment of dangerous silence; the two fire torches that lit around went dim.
Iraftar shivered.
“You dare not speak to me like this! I am your king, you father. And I will do what I want. Go now. You need a flower of wrath. Visit the cave of prophets; ask them about your future. I will help you no more. Leave now and don’t show me your filthy face for sometime or else you might see my wrath.” Devil’s ice-cold voice vibrated through Iraftar’s spine as he spun around to leave.
Only if he had enough power to destroy everyone, every other sin and can be the most powerful of them all.
Iraftar fled with his followers in hiding as he saw his sister’s throat being slit right in front of his eyes. He had to regain his kingdom back, his glory back. And now his destination was Cave of Prophets. The only place where he can seek some answers.
Iraftar had only few men, around fifteen soldiers left. His second in command, Orgios sat next to him as he sat under a tree.
“I am hoping you know the location of this Cave?” Orgios asked gently.
“I have some idea. But exact location I don’t know. I just want to know if I will survive or not.” He answered.
“We survive on people’s anger. You know that, and fifteen of us are enough to cause anger and be powerful again. Built a new kingdom again.” Orgios said.
Iraftar noticed his men around. No, they were not men, they were those men whom anger consumed and now they were nothing but flames in shape of human. So was Orgios and so was his every soldier. He being the Prince was gifted with a human face.
“Go on then. You all go an make anger people’s priority right now. I will join you after I visit the Caves.” He said, determined to visit that location.
“Are you sure, Sire?” Orgios asked.
“I have never been surer!” He said and walked away from Orgios and rest of his men.
He has never felt this way, so helpless and desperate. He is the Prince of Wrath, of anger. Devil said, this emotion is above all in humans, he can’t  fade that easily. But right now, he was . He stumbled his way to a cave, dark from distance but as you walk closer, it lit up. A pinkish hue emitted from the entrance. A warm air was coming from the cave. It was between nowhere of the forest, the cave. Only if you are really here to find it, you will see it.
A young girl, about fourteen emerged from the cave. She wore a long sparkling black skirt and a similar black top. Her blonde hair hung behind her back open and unkempt. Her fathomless blue eyes look old and experienced as if the girl was too grown for her age.
“What to do you seek, Prince of Wrath?” She asked, too deep and calm for her age.
“I am looking for Prophets who tell future. I want to know about my future.” He said, clearly and with full confidence.
“But you have to pay a price before you ask anything” she said nonchalantly.
“What price? I have no money or jewels left right now” He said.
“No, no we don’t desire any money or jewel. We require something far more important. We require the golden string of Devil” She said.
The golden string of Devil maximizes the power of each sin. As far as Iraftar knew, he and pride were the only one with it. He can’t give it away!
“Ask me anything else, my blood, maybe?” he asked hopefully.
“No, once the price is decided, it is final” Girl said seriously.
“The string is all I have!”Iraftar said, feeling his rage burn inside him.
“Then you can leave prince!”, she said, anger unaffected on her.
“B-But! I came here for nothing. I have lost everything.Atleast tell me what my future holds.” Iraftar said, almost pleading.
“We are not responsible of what you lost. We can tell you future. But you must pay the price” She turned her back towards him now.
Iraftar was losing time and his cool. Father had known he will lose his golden string, he sent him here on purpose.
“Decide fast Prince,power or future?”The girl said.
She was going inside, her form mingling in darkness and Irafatr had to choose fast.
“Wait. Future, I chose future. I am ready to pay any price.” He finally said.
A knowing smile crept on girl’s face.
“Then you are Welcome inside Prince of Wrath!”
“I am not going to marry you!” I said , more of yelled.
“Then its your decision , you really want not to marry me or really want this town destroyed.” He said, amusement clear in his dangerous voice.
I looked at Dryden, who looked stunned and annoyed.
“You can’t force her into this. It’s about marriage, her life. She will marry whom she loves.” Dryden said, moving forward as if to fight.
“And you wish it was you, don’t you warrior boy?” Iraftar said.
Surprised and somewhat pleased I looked at Dryden. He was avoiding my gaze.
“Make your decision quick! You and I both have no time.” He said.
I gulped down my fear and my confusion. And looked around me, the graveyard was half burned. I didn’t even knew if my family’s grave was left. I didn’t knew what harm his minions can bring to the town, to Greta, to Alec. I can’t cause any more deaths, can’t let it happen because of me.
With no choice left I gave an  apologetic look towards Dryden and he looked at me shocked and hurt.
“Ok! I am ready to go with you.”
And I immeditely regretted my decision, as Iraftar’s eyes flamed red and a smile spread on his face.